About Us

SecurityBulwark, a Metahorizon (www.metahorizon.com) Company was formed to provide our customers with a comprehensive identity & Access Management Solution.

SecurityBull, a part of the ParentCompany, was established to provide clients with seamless and comprehensive solutions for identity and access management.

In a globalized world, organizations and enterprises have to manage identity and access of not only employees, vendors and contractors, but they also have to handle the same for external stakeholders, like clients and auditors. These steps are required to keep sensitive data secure. However, the stakes are high for enterprises that are functioning in environments where SaaS, Cloud computing, BYOD, IoT and work from home have become the norm. These factors are posing a challenge to in-house IT departments, who have to go guns blazing to keep sensitive business data and client information secure at all times.

It is essential that your organization has systems and processes in place that just authorized personnel can access confidential and sensitive information so that you keep your business and clients’ interests safe while complying with the regulations. That will maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

We provide you the right technologies to manage access to confidential data and decide who can see it and use it.

With the help of our technologies, you can authenticate and authorize who accesses data across systems and your enterprise; and as a result, you boost productivity and security while keeping costs and downtime down. You can also minimize repetitive tasks with ease.

We are in the business of managing individual identities, their authentication, authorization and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries, with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.