The following are some of the technologies we implement to assist organizations enjoy a comprehensive and flawless identity and access management solution.

Ping Identity

Ping Identity can offer access to partners, customers and employees to enable them to securely connect to the cloud, mobile, on-premises and SaaS APIs and applications. It prevents breaches while allowing the organization to manage sensitive data, improve user engagement and boost productivity.



Okta Identity Cloud lays the foundation to establish secure and safe links between people and the technology your organization uses.


SailPoint offers identity management solutions that ensures you can see what a user is doing. It helps you identify any risks, as a result, so that you can take appropriate actions. The technology connects users, applications, devices and data to craft an identity-enabled organization.
SailPoint’s identity governance solutions provide complete visibility into who is doing what, what kind of risk that represents, and allows you to take action. It links people, applications, data and devices to create an identity-enabled enterprise.



With the help of CyberArk, your organization can expedite privileged access by identifying and prioritizing sensitive data and its access.


Thycotic allows you to manage and delegate access to privileged users. It also allows the backend to use a central dashboard for access to privileged accounts, applications and local domain accounts. You can create an administrator account to handle different aspects of the login.